Online Drawing Tools Desktop Tools netTerrain
Online Cumbersome
Per user / per diagram / per role access Limited No
Diagramming Mojo
Basic properties linked to objects (IP address, Serial #, Uptime, etc.) No (amazing isn't it?) Cumbersome
Advanced & Custom properties associated with nodes No Cumbersome
Properties associated with links, shapes and other objects No No
Smart device templates with auto port/slot/specs creation No Nope
Smart, customizable racks No No
Port and cable management No Limited
Multi hierarchy drill downs No Dream On
Inter diagram links No! Amazingly, no!
Circuit layout records No No
GIS maps & Outside Plant Not even close No
Customization Powah
Custom node and link types Limited Not really
Unlimited custom properties Nope Limited
Custom behaviors (overrides, alarms, blinking, etc.) Nade No
Custom functions, aggregate values Say what?
Custom double click behaviors No Cumbersome
Reporting & Admin Sizzle
Searching Limited to just diagrams
Filtering No Cumbersome
Layers Nah
Dashboards + reports No No
Tools for Geeks
IP Toolset (ping, telnet, tracert, ssh, PuTTy & more)! Limited
Document uploads & tracking Mostly no Net
Work Order Management Huh? Leai (means no in Samoan)
Integration, Discovery, Programming
RESTful + SOAP API Limited No
20+ Adapters (Cisco, CA, HP, Solarwinds, Zenoss & more) No
Discovery (SNMP, WMI, IPMI, AWS, SQL, SSH & more) Disc-what? No
Live status of devices Ha! No

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