per month

1 editor

250 objects


per month

5 editors

500 objects


per month

10 editors

1000 objects


Need discovery, network and environmental monitoring or integrations to corporate systems?

Require an on-premise solution?

Catalog & Diagramming Awesomeness
Smart devices and rack
Port and cable management
Custom properties, behaviors, objects and link types
Multi hierarchy drill downs & Inter diagram links
GIS maps & Outside Plant
Reporting & Admin Powah
8-role per diagram/per user access + audit trails
Full searching and filtering
Table views & diagram layers
Dashboards + reports
Tools for Geeks
IP Toolset (ping, telnet, tracert, ssh, PuTTy & more)
Document uploads & tracking
Work Order Management
Integration, Discovery, Programming
PDF & PowerPoint Exports
Visio, netViz, Excel, Google Earth/kml/kmz Imports
20+ Adapters (Cisco, CA, HP, Solarwinds, Zenoss & more)
Discovery (SNMP, WMI, IPMI, AWS, SQL, SSH & more)
Web support / User portal
Phone support
8 hour deployment package
What is netTerrain Cloud?
netTerrain Cloud is a web-based and hosted diagramming solution ideally suited for customers trying to migrate away from desktop, single-file, single-user tools like Visio and spreadsheets.
What types of information can be stored in netTerrain?
Anything really! netTerrain Cloud is a general purpose drawing program. .

Many organizations use netTerrain to document their IT networks and infrastructure, including creating network maps, rack diagrams of their data centers and telco closets, system and application views. Others may use netTerrain for enterprise architecture and creating DoDAF views, and workflow diagrams.
What roles can a User have in netTerrain? Meaning, can I assign a user with read-only rights?
netTerrain has eight (8) user-defined roles, which you can assign a user, including restricting who can modify the catalog, as well as read-only viewers. In addition, restrict users on what they can see on a per diagram basis.
What is a node?
An node is any item you place on the diagram, whether it's a cloud, router, telephone, printer, etc. Links/connections do not count as nodes.
How will my subscription be billed?
netTerrain Cloud is billed in US Dollars (USD) only. Your credit card will be billed monthly and is based on your billing date. Any applicable taxes will also be charged in USD.
How do I upgrade or cancel my plan?
As an Administrator of your account, you may contact Customer Support to upgrade or cancel your subscription plan.
What if I need to migrate from netTerrain Cloud to netTerrain on-premise license?
Yes, if your organization would like to move from netTerrain Cloud to an on-premise served based solution, netTerrain Cloud can be easily migrated to the netTerrain Server.
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