netTerrain Cloud

Hybrid Cloud Observability

  • Concerned about runaway cloud costs?
  • Cloud & network troubleshooting taking too long?
  • Need one place to view your entire IT infrastructure?
  • Fed up with too many open consoles to manage your cloud?
  • Documentation for security audits stressing you out?

Automatically monitor, discover and visualize your entire IT stack.

From AWS, Azure and GCP to virtual and physical networks.

Why netTerrain?


We needed to improve our Data Center operational efficiency and netTerrain got us there with an easy-to-use, cost-efficient and powerful solution.

John Brauner, Systems Administrator
University of Notre Dame

I don’t have to leave my office. In just five minutes, I have everything I need whereas before it could have been hours of running around.

Jason Hilty, RCDD. Network Design Professional
Department of Defense
Cost Reduction

Thanks to netTerrain, we were able to replace 600 Visio licenses.

MH, Network Operations,
United States Department of Defense

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